AVOR is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded with the purpose to serve children/families affected by incarceration.

We desire children/families to have access to the resources necessary to ensure future self-sustainability regardless of their previous socioeconomic classification. AVOR programs will facilitate positive development to our clients by providing them with the necessary tools to navigate their lives and remaining absent from the criminal system.
While many families of disadvantaged backgrounds may have the drive and inspiration to succeed, most lack the training and funding to make their dreams a reality. We help bridge that gap!

Our Beliefs

We believe that development is a process, not a goal. People continue to develop throughout their lifetimes and therefore promoting human development is an enduring, overarching purpose, and not a goal ever finally achieved.

Our Values

We also subscribe to the notion that positive development leads to what is known as the “Five C’s’’:

*Competence, Character, Connections, Confidence, and Contributions*

Competence includes knowledge and skills that enable a person to function more effectively to understand and act on the environment. 

Character is what makes a person intend to do what is just, right, and good. 

Connections refer to social relations, especially with adults, but also with peers and with young people. 

Confidence is the assuredness a person needs to act effectively, enabling a person to build confidence and character in challenging situations. 

Contribution, sometimes referred to as compassion, relates to a person using these other attributes not only for self-centered purposes but also to give to others. (Hamilton & Hamilton 1994).

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“Where there is forgiveness there you shall find truth. However, without love there is no reconciliation. Redemption is an expression of forgiveness that is revealed through love without judgment and through service of another” – Chaplain Robin Figueroa

A Vision of Redemption is a 501(c)3 Non-profit Organization

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